Wednesday, November 02, 2005

First quantum cryptography network

The article extract posted below is from new scientist. It is from 04 June 2004 Issue. It is a news article describing the launch of the first computer network secured by quantum cryprography. This is a significant event as it shows the the technology is feasible although it still requires a lot of work before it will be widely used. In the post above a similar article described DARPA's current quantum network.

This article can be found HERE.

"The first computer network in which communication is secured with quantum cryptography is up and running in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Chip Elliott, leader of the quantum engineering team at BBN Technologies in Cambridge, sent the first packets of data across the Quantum Net (Qnet) on Thursday. The project is funded by the Pentagon's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

Currently the network only consists of six servers, but they can be integrated with regular servers and clients on the internet. Qnet's creators say the implementation of more nodes in banks and credit card companies could make exchanging sensitive data over the internet more secure than it is with current cryptography systems.

The data in Qnet flows through ordinary fibre optic cables and stretches the 10 kilometres from BBN to Harvard University. It is encrypted using keys determined by the exchange of a series of single, polarised photons.

Reference: 4 June 2004, Celeste Biever, New Scientist.


Blogger Luke Houghton said...

That is a great article, it is a good example of how the technology is being implemented(or starting to be).

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